Toys That Contain Lead and Cadmium

From: Robina Suwol
Date: 17 Mar 2002
Time: 15:55:46
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Toys That Contain Lead and Cadmium (In levels near to or exceeding levels determined to be hazardous.)
Source: Di Gangi J, Lead and Cadmium in Vinyl Childrens Products: A Greenpeace Exposť (c. 1998)

101 Dalmatians Backpack
Barbie Backpack
2 lb. Vinyl-Covered Barbell
Breast Milk Cooler
Sega Controller Cable
Gemini 3? Video Coaxial Cable
Gemini Phone Cord
Philco In-Ear Headphone Cable
Philco Headphone Cable
AT&T 25? Phone Line Cord
Gemini Computer Printer Cable
Disney Minnie Totes Key Ring
Fun d Mentals Pencil Case
Warner Brothers Space Jam Placemat
Barth & Dreyfuss Placemat
Gloria Vanderbilt Placemat
Pacific Kids Purse
Tweety Rainhat
Columbia Youth Parka Raincoat
Springs Bath Shower Curtain
Barbie Slumber Tent Pole
Tweety Totebag
Looney Tunes Hackey Sack Toy
Kentucky Fried Chicken Toy
Toteables Cosmetics Pouch
Dimple Doll Stroller
Looney Tunes Umbrella
Costume jewelry+

+ Some costume jewelry makers use a lead coating to give jewelry a pearlized look. One five year old girl's blood lead level was as high as 18.2 mg/dL after chewing on a heart shaped pendant containing lead. (Nagy S. Girl ingests lead from toy jewelry. The Ottawa Citizen) Some companies such as Mattel Inc., Rubbermaid and Nike Inc. are voluntarily phasing out the use of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastics and softeners. 

(The National Post, Soft plastic toys pose risk to children, Green Peace says. 1998 Nov. 13 Section A:10) 

See also: U.S. <> Consumer Product Safety Commission Report on Lead and Cadmium in Children's Products Health <> Canada's response to lead and cadmium in toys Kelly O'Grady RN Lead Environmental Awareness and Detection l.e.a.d. looking for recent information on PVC, particularly in children's immediate environment (e.g. raingear, toys, backpacks etc). Alison Dyer

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