New Technique Developed To Trace River Pollution

From: Robina Suwol
Date: 17 Oct 2002
Time: 01:06:07
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NEW TECHNIQUE DEVELOPED TO TRACE RIVER POLLUTION Date: 021010 From: EarthVision Environmental News, October 10, 2002 Newcastle, UK - Research conducted by the University of Newcastle has shown that new technology used to analyze dissolved organic matter in river water could allow for the "fingerprinting" of the water and pollution to determine their source. The researchers note that dissolved organic matter is found in all river water, and can come from both a natural source, as well as human sources. This organic matter can produce natural fluorescence that can be seen using a spectrophotometer. Researchers from Newcastle University took samples of water from a nearby river and found that 70 percent of the sample could be correctly traced to the river's tributaries by measuring the natural fluorescence in the water. "Results suggest that spectrophotometric techniques have considerable potential in the fingerprinting of dissolved organic matter in rivers," says Dr Andy Baker, of the University's Center for Land Use and Water Resources and who led the study. "This is very important as up until now it has not been possible to separate the dissolved organic matter fractions in river water. However, our results mean that it is now possible to use dissolved organic matter as a natural fingerprint of different water sources, and to monitor and detect organic pollutants." * * * Copyright (c) 2002. Global Environment & Technology Foundation


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