Environmental Justice Assessment Tool is Now Available

From: Robina Suwol
Date: 09 Aug 2003
Time: 06:32:36
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The Environmental Justice Assessment Tool is now available. This new tool replaces the EnviroJustice Mapper with new features and new technology. It is the result of a n Agency-wide work group and provides information relevant to any area in the Continental U.S. The framework for this Tool is based on the assessment methodology in the EJ Toolkit. Factors relevant to environmental justice are described in the EJ Toolkit in the discussion of Environmental Justice Indicators, and they generally fall into four categories, i.e., environmental, health, social, and economic. The conditions these indicators seek to illuminate include, but are not limited to: adverse health or environmental impacts, aggregate or cumulative impacts, unique exposure pathways, vulnerable or susceptible populations, or lack of capacity to participate in decision making process. As these data become available, they may be incorporated into the Tool. Once fully developed, the Tool will provide the information necessary to conduct a robust preliminary analysis of any area of concern, with the goal of taking action (whether programmatic or regulatory in nature) to address any environmental justice concern that may arise from the analysis. Use of buffers is incorporated into the Tool; population estimation is accomplished through the area-weighted methodology. The smallest unit of geographic resolution is the census block. This Tool is meant to serve as a module to be incorporated on the front end (e.g., screening) of all appropriate Agency assessments. This web-based technology is currently accessible on the public access (http://www.epa.gov/enviro/ej For more information contact Sheila Lewis (lewis.sheila@epa.gov)

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