Chalk With Lead Found

From: Robina Suwol
Date: 11 Oct 2003
Time: 18:05:10
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Chalk with lead found
Contact: Glen Loyd
Triangular, multicolored sidewalk chalk with the words "sidewalk chalk" imprinted on the side may be responsible for causing lead poisoning in a 13-month-old child in northwest Wisconsin.
If you have any triangular, multicolored chalk, don't let your children play with it.
"We need help with our investigation," says Jim Rabbitt, administrator of Trade and Consumer Protection. "The chalk with lead was found at a daycare center without the packaging and we don't know the manufacturer's name. If consumers have any information about this chalk-manufacturer, original packaging, or where purchased-or have this chalk in their possession, we urge them to call Consumer Protection at 1-800-422-7128."
The poisoning was discovered during a routine medical exam of the child. The Douglas County Health Department found nothing with lead at the family's home. Multiple pieces of chalk were taken from the daycare and tested by the State Hygiene Lab and only the multicolored triangular pieces had dangerous lead levels.


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