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Date: 11 Oct 2003
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by John W. Biggers, attorney at law
Black Spring Books / ISBN: 0-9647925-5-9 $14.95 paper
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"KIDS LAW is an important and much needed addition to the libraries of anyone and everyone who works with children."
Mubarak Awad, National Director, National Youth Advocate Program, Washington, DC
Written for libraries, schools, kids, parents, teachers, counselors, social workers and anyone else involved in the lives of youth today, KIDS LAW: A Practical Guide to Juvenile Justice by attorney John Biggers is a down-to-earth and invaluable guide to the many aspects of the Juvenile Justice system. Through life story portraits, KIDS LAW deals with criminal law, juvenile courts, dependency, adoption, marriage and divorce, property and employment matters, and allows the reader to come face-to-face with the evolving American law as it impacts kids either because of their own actions or the actions of adults in their lives.
Long-time attorney and youth advocate John Biggers is a frequent speaker at national conferences and workshops; Biggers has practiced criminal and civil law in Arizona and Illinois for 30 years, and developed juvenile justice programs in scores of schools.
For more information on KIDS LAW, please visit To contact John W. Biggers for speaking engagements or interviews, please call: 1-520-292-9070.
>From Youth Today, April, 2003 "Useful for parents, family, friends, teachers, counselors and others interested in the policies, procedures and programs that local and national communities are implementing in juvenile law. The book raises numerous legal questions and concerns that youth have when dealing in criminal and civil areas of law, either because of their own actions or the actions of adults in their lives."
>From Struggling Teens website: "This book would be helpful for any person that might have any contact with the law as it relates to juveniles, and that includes just about everybody. It would be helpful as a first reference on any specific situation as to the general gist of how the law might apply."
"John Biggers' work has helped the rest of us negotiate the daunting twists and turns of the juvenile court system in the country."
Luis J.Rodriguez, youth advocate and best-selling author, Always Running: La Vida Loca, Los Angeles, CA


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