Asthma In Schools Survey Released

From: Robina Suwol
Date: 29 Oct 2003
Time: 23:55:22
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The National Association of School Nurses has released the Asthma in Schools survey. This survey found that asthma is more disruptive of school routines than any other chronic condition, has a significant impact on absenteeism, and that many school staff may lack awareness of the causes of an asthma attack. The survey also found that 85% of school nurses believe that there are students with undiagnosed asthma in their schools. The National Association of School Nurses and the American Lung Association are working together to improve communications between parents, school nurses and health care professionals in an effort that may help reduce the number of asthma episodes or attacks children experience each year.

A nurse from the National Association of School Nurses summarized the findings: "We recognize the damage that can be done to the education process when 14 million school days are lost annually due to asthma. This survey suggests that when it comes to asthma management as it impacts a child's educational experience, there is definite room for improvement."

The press release for the survey can be found at:

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