What's One Parent to Do, Up Against the Old School

From: Pesticide Opponent
Date: 09 Mar 2004
Time: 04:46:13
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It seems unbelievable, the lack of clean air and good food or clean water available to school children. Not to mention the use of toxic chemicals in the school environment. In Wichita, Kansas the Catholic schools use Urinal Cakes that contain a type of Benzene, and on the Wichita Public School grounds, Glyphosate or Roundup is being sprayed into the sand that the children play in. The Pesticide industry is big, and the bug guys can't make any money if they are not poisoning our children in their own schools. The schools have fallen on flawed logic and bad judgments, using outdated and unproven or quack studies. I.E. The studies that say Cockroaches cause asthma, so by state law you have to spray for them, and the chemicals they use will definitely give the kids asthma and make them sick. The truth is, if IPM were instituted in schools nationwide by the federal government our kids would be a lot safer. But how do we do it? Any suggestions?? Meanwhile I think a civil action lawsuit is in order, I'll call it Chemical Attacks on our children is worse than terrorism. George Bush promotes the secret testing of toxins on our children.