News -- Asthma at School

From: Robina Suwol
Date: 21 Nov 2002
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NYS AND TNNYTIMES, NY, NY "Educating Schools about Life with Asthma" (HSN note--misses the mark by focusing on treatments, not prevention)WWW.NYTIMES.COM/2002/11/19/HEALTH/CHILDREN/19asth.HTMLCHANNEL 3, MEMPHIS, TN (HSN note-- raises goodquestions)Teenager's Death Raises Concerns11/16/02By Brian KueblerMemphis -- More disturbing developments after the death of a senior at EastHigh School. Methodist Hospital confirms the 17-year-old died after anasthma attack Friday night. Now school board members and teachers arereacting to a possible connection between toxic mold and the teenagersdeath."He's the kinda son that I would like to have had. Very studious, verycaring individual. He would do more than asked for all of the time," saidEast High teacher Dennis DeMarco.Donald Mister was the type of kid teachers make into scholars. The type ofkid that was more than just another hand in Mr. Demarco's social studiesclass. "Part of me is gone. Losing a friend like that -- I call him a friendnow but back at school it's gonna be a tough thing for that school to handlewith everything that's going on now"Mr. Demarco is referring to the toxic mold they found in his school...hisclassroom. Although no one has yet to figure out the complete cause ofMister's death...the very possibility of the connection between the toxicmold found last week and a deadly bout with asthma has some board memberspraying."Something is happening there. Students and people are getting sick. Thereis something wrong in that school. I am still sick." Memphis School Boardmember Sara Lewis is not the only one. There are a few reports of facultyand students getting sick at East High."We're certainly saying everyone should get checked by their personaldoctor. [Have you?] I have an appointment Tuesday. [How do you feel?] Icould be better," remarked DeMarco because after three rounds of medicationhe says he can't shake the respiratory problems he started to have threemonths ago -- when he moved into one of the mold infested rooms.Again -- none of this is confirmed -- there is no solid connection betweenthis toxic mold in East High school and Mister's death or other illnesses,but for DeMarco and others -- the circumstantial evidence is piling up onthe school boards desk."I don't think they're doing enough right now," said DeMarcoDemarco says concerned parents should contact the school board.Update 11/18/02The Shelby County Medical Examiner finds that the student died of naturalcauses.and now.....An East High School student is rushed to the hospital byambulance this morning. This is the same Memphis school where problems withmold prompt medical check-ups for students. Stay updated with the latestinformation.www.healthyschools.org518-462-0632

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