Exposure To Arsenic In Playground

From: dawng@adelphia.net
Date: 02 Apr 2003
Time: 16:26:34
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I have a couple of questions... How much exposure does a child need to bother him/ her later in life, i.e; play on arsenic wood a few months then 10 15 years later be at risk for developing cancer. OR, have to play on arsenic wood many times over 10 or so years, then be at risk later in life... My other question is, is the arsenic found in the lumber the same kind that is naturally occuring in the soil?.. I ask these questions because I have a 4 yr. old child and the preschool I want to send her to has some arsenic lumber. I was so shocked to see all the child care facilities that contain pressure treated wood. The one I picked has very little, only a fence and swing posts, but I am concerned about how much, if any is safe. Look forward to your reply... Please e-mail me directly dawng@adelphia.net, thanks.

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