CBC Marketplace Offers More Links to Acrylamide Story

From: Robina Suwol
Date: 13 May 2003
Time: 06:14:38
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The CBC Marketplace website has good resource files linked on its site to the acrylamide story they did. Here are two; a link to the FDA list of foods tested, including some baby foods, and acrylamide levels. The USEPA acrylamide limit for drinking water is 0.12 micrograms per 8 oz. Some of the levels found in foods were 3-4 orders of magnitude higher. CBC Marketplace has several links to test results from other countries, that provide the trade names of products and their acrylamide content. Acrylamide is not only a probable carcinogen, but also a neurotoxicant. There is also a link for consumers on how to reduce risks from acrylamide in foods, e.g cooking temperature.

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