Farmers Who Use Certain Pesticides Seem to Have a High Risk of Prostate Cancer

From: Robina Suwol
Date: 11 Jun 2003
Time: 13:57:57
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Farmers who use certain pesticides seem to have a high risk of prostate cancer according to a study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology. Researchers at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, the National Cancer Institute, and the Environmental Protection Agency studied 55,332 farmers or nursery employees who worked with pesticides. The risk of developing prostate cancer was 14 percent greater for pesticide applicators, compared with the general population. One pesticide, methyl bromide, increased the risk of prostate cancer in all men. Six others raised the risk in men with a family history of prostate cancer. They are chlorpyrifos, coumaphos, fonofos, phorate, permethrin and butylate.

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