California Schools and Water Quality at the Fountains Kids Drink From

From: Ray Himenes Jr
Date: 14 Feb 2005
Time: 03:54:41
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It seems that while the schools around Our Great State want to have better water, the age old question still looms. WHO WILL PAY FOR IT? It really is time for a grass roots effort and some major corporations to step up and fill this void. Not that it's their fault but the reality is that this state has allowed many of them to prosper "beyond" reason. Because of this "they" can afford it and in fact will benefit from it. The future of these companies is in the children drinking the water from fountains that are in many cases old and antiquated. Many still have components with "lead" levels that far surpass current standards, yet are children are still allowed, even encouraged to drink from them. A major push for the removal of soda vending machines has won some significant support but where are the alternatives for these kids. Would you want to drink water that is warm and stale tasting? Or water that comes from a faucet that is so foul that you would never let your lips come into contact with it? Water is capable of and neccesary for purging toxins from our body. Our brain is comprised of 73% water, our muscles are 76%, the blood is 83% water and kidneys are 82%. How can we possibly believe that leaving these children with no where to get this "MANDATORY" component into there bodies during the course of there school day could promote quality learning. Ever wonder why our kids are less ambitious then you remember being? A large contributer is the lack of "QUALITY WATER" consumed. We are living in a society that revolves around convieneince. Even as adults we will consume products that we know aren't healthy but when your on the go, you want convienent. Lets make it easy for our children to have access to good water. If you go for several days without food, your darn hungry and weak. If you go for a few days without water...your no longer with us ! IT IS THAT IMPORTANT !I would love to hear from any C.F.O.'s or anyone who would like to dialogue about getting something done to address this VERY SERIOUS problem.

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